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This quote translates to:  “So much sky to fly, and we fall in love with cages.”

Whether you relate to this on a personal level, this could also be true for your professional life.  Some people feel trapped at work.  They feel like it is too risky to quit jobs, change careers, and start over.

What they don’t realize, is that there are so many options, that they could jump around for a while, or simply take a break, before truly deciding in which direction to go.

There is a lot of freedom in knowing you can’t make a mistake.  Most people don’t see their lives that way, let alone their careers.  They feel they somehow have to live up to all the pressure their parents, or friends put them through, no matter what.

They don’t realize that they don’t have to subscribe to their issues.  Most people project their issues on us.  All we have to do is realize this, be conscious of it, and the spell is broken.

Give yourself a chance to truly shine.  You are here for a reason, and it is your assignment to find out why.  Once you realize your true calling, you will be able to carryout your purpose, effortlessly.  Life is not supposed to be that difficult.  Make it easier for yourself, by being who you really are.  

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Written by Maria Ayala

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