As Others See You – 1

Lek emailed.   He’d been fired from his job.  The same thing happened last year.    I knew why. I didn’t tell him.   There was no useful purpose.

I’d met Lek years ago.   We’d become friends.  Over time, of course,  I saw his faults.  Some I could mention, some I could not.

Lek had an arrogance, a sense of himself far above reality.  He was very much a success in his own mind.  But in the minds of others, he was first choice to be replaced; which he was.

That meant he had to go back to his home country.

He had loved being here, for his salary, paid in U.S. dollars, made him a millionaire.  And he felt so good so powerful.

He’d go out dancing, often, thinking himself so talented.

Now, he was being sent home to take up a lesser position.


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Written by jaylar

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