Are You Sure?

My thesis is that we need a lot less of 3 c’s if we are going to fix the mess we have created. Our financial, social, educational, and environmental systems are breaking down but we continue to return to the familiar. We do what we did last year, only louder, faster, or in a different color. We are mired to our knees in the muck of mediocrity.

The 3 C’s that we need less of are Certainty, comfort and convenience. Together and separately they are sapping us of our creativity. When everything feels ok and we are sure about what we think, we don’t delve very far outside the status quo boxes that we have helped build over the past century. The C’s erode our courage. As we conform to the social norms and belief structures of our friends, families, and colleagues we have no need or ability to be brave. “Go along to get along” becomes the mantra. Finally, the possibility of a cooperative community is destroyed because when we are sure we are right, it means that everyone else is wrong. Our politics, religions and other tribes are pitted against other tribes in vitriolic battles.

If we could embrace ambiguity and become ideologically promiscuous, we may be faced with as yet unimagined solutions to the wicked issues we face together. Letting go to move forward should be the new chant.

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Written by bob_mcinnis

I believe that you are far more capable than you are given credit for.


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