Answers to the questions from Mathematical and logical tasks

Robin Biznis October 7.2018 Belgrade

At the previous quiz, there was a log of logical locking and a bit of mathematics.

For all those who have quizzed, here are the correct answers.

You see it was not difficult. Many members had excellent results.

Those with three correct answers will see where they have gone.

Thank you for solving my quizzes.


Correct answers

1. Some months have 30 and some 31 days. How many have 28 days?Every month, it has 28 days.The answer is under C.2. You are my son and I am not your father. Who said that?A.FatherB.Mather *C.SisterThe answer is Mother, Logically.3.BWhite. If all the walls look south, then the house is on the north pole, and there is a northern white bear.4. ATwo, there is nowhere to be mentioned that there must be a couple of the same socks.5.B The next number in the row is 677.2 * 2 + 1 = 55 * 5 + 1 = 2626 * 26 + 1 = 6776.A7.A  4100 Check the digitizer.8.B-43Check it out


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