And Comes The Fourth Generation – 131

Elvis March, the confused, inept pseudo-President, who had been flipped into power when Mollusk, his predecessor,  was resigned,  returned from his Xmas Break with an over compensating sense of authority and power.

His wife and kids had opted to take a vacation without him, so he had decided to treat himself to an all inclusive.

Playing the multi-millionaire, he caught the eye of a young woman who made him feel like Superman.  Being stupid he didn’t note that it was his money she was after.

He spent lavishly, enjoying himself, maxing out his credit cards.

When she asked him to rent a flat for her in town so that they could be together, he tried to make it seem that his wife would find out.

It was around then he realised the woman wasn’t attracted to him, didn’t care about him, only wanted money.


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Written by jaylar

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