Hello everyone im kinda in a bind and don’t know what to do? Making videos do you like the Livestream Version better or showing A small Slide Show with Music Playing in Background?

#1 ME in a bind im not mad just confused lol

Check links bellow and i will let you be the Judge on which video you like better and the more upvotes i get i will do it that way in my next video but if both get good amounts of votes i will switch off every Sunday. 

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#2 Non stop remixes (Non copyright music remixed) Sunday maniac

Here is the small slideshow NONSTOPREMIX up vote if you like this one and all of its vibes. Plus if you like this don't forget to like this video and share if you like it.

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#3 Non stop Remixes LIVE!!

Here is the 2 one Of NonStopRemixes  the Live Stream Version it shows everything what i am doing with the edjing app and mixes are all live and see me in action live. Which one you like Better? Upvotes are now open and please like this video if you like this one better. which ever one has the most UPVOTES  like i said i will do in next weeks SUNDAYMANIAC. Happy Voting May the best one be played next week!!


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