Ukrain Citizen establish a new world record by dental pulling 677 ton Ship

A strong teeth Ukraine citizen made a global record by pulling 677 tonnes of freight ships with its teeth. 40-year-old Schwich performed this amazing record in the presence of hundreds of attendants. In which he set a global record by pulling 677 tonnes of ships to 52 feet. On this record the Ukraine government also awarded him with national honors.

Schwich successfully completed the campaign successfully to record his performance in the Guinness Book of World Record. Earlier he dragged 21.5 tons of tram to 22.3 feet and got his name included in the Guinness Book of World Record. However, he did not break the record made in the 2001 Hana Pio. was my dream to break the record of Hanao Peo, which was done today, but worked hard and hard for it. The person named Hanao Pio made a global record by dragging 635 tonnes of ship to 50 feet in 2001.

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