Trump. $ 5 Billion for wall – Nancy Pelosi, Not even Single penny

President Trump and Democratic leaders have failed to resolve the funding issue for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border and President Trump has called this meeting ‘waste of time’. Nancy Pelosi and Chuk Schumor met President Trump after his address to the nation , However, in this meeting, both leaders did not agree to change the decision to grant money.

After this meeting, President Trump said in his message on Twitter ,That he have said  bye bye to Democrat leaders , and this meeting proved to be completely waste of time. President Trump is demanding a sum of $ 5 billion for the construction of this wall. The demand created partial “shutdown” for the past 19 days in various part of the government. Due to this closure, eight lakh federal employees will lose their salary this week.

Speaking to reporters, Senator Chuck Schummer said that the Trump dismiss the meeting when Nancy Pelosi said she would not approve the money for the wall.


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