Sunday, 12am on 12.30.18

Transitional into the new year is an exciting time. You are ready to move on with the new and leave the old behind.

  1. Wake up each morning and shout with happiness and enthusiasm because it is a fresh new day. Expand you horizons and do something new each day. Meet new people, and someone might even take you on a detour that you never thought about. You are likely to discover something new that you might consider to be perfect. Know when to go, pause and stop. Listens to soft signs carefully, and move accordingly. Follow your schedule on your calendar to help you better organize your life. Be prepared for changes.
  2. Be confident and secure, and follow soft soft signs on a daily basis. Adapt to changes. And, make things happen.
  3. Change your perspective as needed by thinking outside the box or seeing things upside down. If working on a creative project, it might sometimes feel overwhelming. Take a break, revise plan as necessary, and dare to be unique and original by doing things differently. You might want to drive on a different road or street, or considering going on a different direction. Look in the mirror and check your reflection. You might want to make changes…
  4. Clean your home more often, which includes reorganizing and decluttering. Consider reorganizing on a monthly basis.


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