Too Late – (Pamela) – 9

When Matthew was at work, Irma was alone, completely alone.

Before, Pamela would pass, they’d talk, now… silence.

Irma decided to come out, walk around, try to engage the tenants in conversation.  She failed.  The girls who weren’t on their cells or talking to each other, passed her without looking.

Irma thought of Pamela.

She decided to break her silence, speak to her.

Instead of closing her door, she left it open.    Pamela was due to return from work.  She would see the open door, stop in.

Irma saw her arrival,  moved towards the back door.

Pamela, passed, her eyes  ahead, going to her room.   She walked briskly,  didn’t notice Irma.


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Written by jaylar

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