Too Late – (Pamela) – 6

The gals in room 5;  Meka and Gina, had  played their game before.   They were chunky big women who settled to the reality that they would never marry so decided they never wanted to.

They needed to cut the Manager off from the tenants.    They needed to expose the Manager as powerless.

Once the Manager realised she was powerless, that everything that needed to be done required the Owner’s go ahead, she would cease activity.

The humiliation of having to call and beg and be treated as an annoyance by the Owner would demotivate anyone.

To segregate the Manager from the tenants would give her no ‘backative’.  There would be no one who would ‘take her side’ if it came to a debate.

The previous Manager had resorted to hiding in her section and doing nothing.   Meka and Gina needed Irma to do the same thing; that is, nothing.

They high fived and laughed when they saw Irma’s  door quickly shut, then reopened when Pamela returned to her room.


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Written by jaylar

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