Too Late (Pamela) – 4

Malcolm had closed the door and   Irma had gone to look at the feed from the cameras.

There was Pamela going down the path, through the gate, out of view to toss away her garbage.  Count to ten, back in view, coming up the path.

Irma looked at the other camera, the one which was lined with her back door.   She saw Pamela returning, passing, going into the corridor.

“Mal, you can open the door now.”

Malcolm obeyed.

The door was open, other tenants could pass, look in, even enter.  It was only Pamela who drew the ‘ban’.

Irma didn’t  reflect, didn’t ask herself why the gals in flat 5 were anti-Pamela.   As most of the world she accepted what they said, and reacted as they desired.


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Written by jaylar

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