Too Late – (Linda) – 2

One of the nice persons who attended, was Erica.   She would come directly from her office.

The first time, Erica had arrived she virtually begged for a cup of coffee.  But Linda declined to give it to her.

Sure, Linda could have opened the cabinet, put a teaspoon of coffee in the hot water from the kettle she always had on the stove.  But Linda needed to show power.

Erica had looked at the kettle said; “What if I bring my own coffee?”,

Linda said “Sure”, thinking that wouldn’t happen.

But it did.

The following week, Erica brought her own pack of coffee, and all Linda had to do was put the coffee in the cup, pour the hot water on the coffee and give it to Erica.

Or  walk away and let Erica pour the water on her coffee.

For the next few weeks,  Erica arrived with a little pack of coffee and all she needed was a cup of hot water.

Linda, who didn’t own the water, pay for it, pay for the electricity,  some how  felt Erica owed her.  So begged money.


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