Too Late – Akona – 3

Zinzi, her grandmother, died when Akona was forty.

It was a large funeral, everyone came, and Zinzi treated her mother, Sarah, as a stranger.  Sarah was accustomed to that treatment.

Akona had gotten pregnant at fifteen, had a baby, Zoe, who Zinzi had raised.  Akona had  left her daughter with Zinzi ,  found work and sent money for her daughter’s upkeep..

Zoe grew with Zinzi, Akona an occasional visitor.  When Akona wanted Zoe to live with her, she refused to leave Zinzi.

Zoe only left Zinzi when she married.

She attended to the funeral of her great grandmother, Zinzi, with her husband and children. She treated Akona as a stranger, but was happy to meet her grandmother, Sarah.


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