The Vision of the Blind

My friend Wendy is blind. She sees and hears more than most of us. She is alert to the very vibrations of the environment.

We were in a place and the people nearby were talking loud and raucous. 

She said; “They are unattractive, come from the lower classes and want attention. Let us move away.”

Just by the sound of their voices she could ‘see’ them. For they were a highly unpleasant bunch.

There was a guy, phoney to the core.

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I saw him as a scam artist, no one else did. Except Wendy. When they were introduced she could tell by his presence was was a trickster. How he took her hand to shake, how he spoke, the words he used.

Because she would not rely on sight and be deceived by an image, Wendy ‘sees’ deeper.


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Written by jaylar

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