The Song – part 7

Peter had left campus,  going to catch a bus  on his way home when he was struck down by a car.

His parents received the phone call a few hours later.  They raced to the city.  Peter was in one of the best hospitals in the country, but in terrible condition.

His survival was in doubt, but after twenty four hours, the doctors believed he would survive, but it would take a long time to heal, then, there would be rehab.   The doctors were positive.

Peter’s parents cried, prayed, and realised that they had to be here.  To transfer him to their city would deny him this medical care.

His father called the office, was able to transfer to the city.  Peter’s mother called her sister who would call the rest of the family. They would clean out their apartment, then come for moral support.

They thought of telling Chela, but Peter and she had broken up months ago.  There was no reason to tell her.

As they and Chela’s family moved in different circles, no information trickled to them.

While Chela sat crying in the dorm, Peter lay unconscious in the hospital.

His recovery took six months, and then there was rehab.   In June, when Peter was able, he called Chela. She not at the dorm.   He called her parent’s phone, but it had been disconnected.

The song was playing and he began to cry.


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Written by jaylar

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