The Punishment of a Long Life – 5

Rebecca met Maxie Gold after the war.   She was twenty five.  He was thirty five.   She still wore the ring Michael had given her.  She, could have continued because the initials were the same, M.G., but didn’t.

She put  the ring in her little jewelry box, closed the lid, and moved on.

Rebecca was was quiet and polite and kept herself a bit distant.  She was the type of woman a man would marry, so Maxie asked her, she said yes.

Maxie paid for the wedding as her family was poor.  She borrowed the dress from his sister in law.

It was a decent, quiet marriage, a small honeymoon, then they moved into their own apartment in the same building where she had lived.

With her mother and sister near, her first pregnancy was almost comfortable.

Their first child, Miriam, was born nine months later.

Rebecca had stopped thinking about Miriam over forty years ago.


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Written by jaylar

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