The Punishment of a Long Life – 18

Living two thousand miles away, Maxie and Rebecca had their own life.   They lived easy and enjoyed the lack of stress.   They didn’t talk of Harriet or Miriam or anything about the past.

Then, Maxie died.

The first person Rebecca called was Harriet.  She took the news without emotion.   Rebecca could have called to say she painted the wall blue.    Not having the will to get into any emotional questioning, she ended the call, then rang up her sister, Dottie.

Dottie had buried her own husband a few years before.

There was virtually no discussion,  Dottie would move into the little house Rebecca occupied in the retirement community.

As Rebecca couldn’t attend Dottie’s husband’s funeral, Dottie did not attend Maxie’s.   Nor did Harriet.  Harriet did not attend her father’s funeral.

No one made any attempt to contact Miriam.

Maxie was buried with military honours in a military cemetery.   Rebecca and the friends they had made in attendance.


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Written by jaylar

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