The Project – 19

Later that evening, when she returned from work, after dinner, while she was relaxing with her coffee, she went to check her email.

There was a new one from Ollie.    In this one he claimed he was travelling to the Capital to find the legal documents which pertained to his matter.

Tricia almost laugh/choked on her coffee.

With a smirk on her  face, she put down the cup, and looked at the screen.  It was rather too late for her to inform him how pointless his trip was.

The local headquarters would have such documents, Ollie need merely go and make his request.

Of course, considering how obnoxious Ollie was, she could imagine him snapping at some clerk, who with a counter between them, would walk away.

Let Ollie waste his time, his gas, going on this fool’s errand.


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Written by jaylar

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