The Played – 25

As Damian took up his post at the Kona Community Hospital, Kat grabbed a job, just to have something to do.

In a very short time, Kat became pregnant.   She and Dami were ecstatic.   Kat called her mother.

Lucy-Ann was planning to sell her shop and come to Hawaii and open another.  The idea that she would be a real grandmother overtook her.

As Kat, she had seen Jerry as a thing,  a bus which takes you from here to there.  Lucy-Ann never liked him, nor the child.

Alice was as ugly as Jerry and emotionally disturbed.  Lucy-Ann recalled when a one year old Alice punched  her in the face.

That was the conclusion of her connection to the child.   Kat might as well have tossed her in a dumpster for all Lucy-Ann cared.

Now, Kat would have a real child.

Lucy-Ann would sell her business, but hold on to a few pieces of equipment she would use when she arrived in Hawaii. She wanted to be there when the baby was born.


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Written by jaylar

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