The Played – 2

Two years ago, Katherine Townsend Roberts  had left Jeremiah Roberts.   Her marriage to him, as well as her divorce from him had been planned with the meticulousness of a military campaign.

The marriage was a bit harder than the divorce, which in retrospect was quite easy.

Although the plan was to take seven years, (from meeting Jerry to completing the divorce) Kat had run the course in under six.   That is because she found Jerry repulsive.

Deciding she couldn’t take it any more, she consulted a divorce lawyer, mapped out her strategy, and put it into practice.

Firstly, she would collect everything she wanted to take from the house and pack it into her car before Jerry came home.

Secondly, when Jerry came home, she would, for the first time in their relationship, argue with him.

Thirdly, as a ‘result’ of the argument, she would leave Jerry and her ugly child, Alice, and drive to her mother’s apartment.

Fourthly, she would gather data from all of his so-called friends, (who were her friends) to prove he was an obnoxious and abusive man who had turned their daughter against her.

Fifthly, she would launch her divorce, demanding half of the house, her name, of course was on the title.

Sixthly, after the divorce,  after gaining the value for her half of the house, she would fix it in a 90 day call.

Seventh, she would wait until Damian was able to divorce his wife, and gain a position far away.

Eighth, as Damian approached  freedom, she would  let the 90 days finish,  collect her money, put it into a simple savings.

Nineth, as soon as he was free,  he would  pack his things, and come to her.

Tenth, they’d climb into the car Jerry had given Kat, collect the money and leave Orlando.

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