The Other Side of Luck – Morgan (2) [end]

Morgan’s chums, who were handling his office since he had been disbarred, ordered their drinks.

They told him what they felt like saying, and he had to take it.

For years they’d put up with his boasts and abuse, now, he was less than the dirt on the bottom of their shoe.

It was unlikely Morgan would ever be able to resume his practice.  There was a real chance he could be sent to prison.

What annoyed  him so much was that if that stupid Kim hadn’t quit he could have blamed her.

He could have blamed his paralegal, and although he would be disbarred, he’d get the sympathy, and even if prosecuted, would only be taking the fall for his employee.

After all, Kim drafted most of his documents….. when she worked for him. But as she had walked out over a year ago, (never even picked up her salary), there was no way he could put the fall on her.

If only Kim had stayed if only the charges could have been brought while she was there…he’d have an alibi.But Morgan had no one to take the fall.

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