The Other Side of Luck – Cathy – 4

Cathy was near hysterical.   She had spent all this money on a birthday party for her Dad, (although he told her not to, but forget that), and now some stranger is telling her that he went on a cruise?

“That can’t be true!  Let me speak to my father!”

“Can’t.  He ain’t here.”

And Mac, the man who held her father’s phone, ended the call,  shut off the phone and went back to watch the match..

He knew Donovan had a miserable batch of children.   They’d spoken in bits and pieces over the years, not going deep, just letting the feelings pop out.

Donovan, as he, had been a Navy Seal, on top secret missions.  How his kids could blame him for ‘not being there’  when their mother died was the kind of whack one expects on a show about why Johnny became a Serial Killer.

Mac focused on the match he was watching with his mates, shaking the phone call out of his head.


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Written by jaylar

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