The Other Side of Luck – Cathy – 2

Cathy and her brothers blamed their father for everything that befell them in life.  They weren’t a close knit group, but agreed on one thing; their father was the reason they didn’t get into University, or have a bicycle, or go to the movies.

Their mother had died when they were young, and their father let the grandmothers take over.  They would bellow how great their Grandmothers were,  then go on to complain and bemoan all they suffered.

At the time of their mother’s death, their father was in the Army.  Fighting a war overseas.  When he came back his children would not forgive him for not being there when they needed him.

He probably thought they would grow out of it.   That they would mature.   They didn’t.  They continued to blame him and never missed a chance to attack him for not being there.

By the time they were in their twenties, Donovan, their father,  tried to avoid them, assuming that some day they would grow up.

That never happened.

Deep in their forties they continued their attacks.


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Written by jaylar

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