The Lucky One – (Alana) – part 4

Alana continued to enjoy her salsa classes, teaching newbies, then going to Thursday night Salsa.  She’d been doing this for four years.

She’d go to work, attend the classes on Monday,  do overtime on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then, enjoy Thursday night, able to arrive late on Friday..

She didn’t miss Matt  She didn’t think about him..

When he returned he was quite distressed.  His wife wanted a divorce.

Realising he needed someone to talk, after class, she went with him to the bar.   He  started talking without stop.   It was if she was the only person he could speak to.

Matt told Alana he wasn’t going to agree to a divorce.   He told her how he and Maria argued.   Then, in obvious anguish he told Alana how his wife admitted to  having an affair with his boss.   How she boasted that  when he went to Salsa class and the Thursday dances, she was with his Boss.

Matt was completely gutted by his wife’s admission.   He actually cried while he told Alana.


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Written by jaylar

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