The Lucky One (Alana) part 3

Over the next months, Matt came to classes and to Salsa night without Maria.

Matt told  Alana of the big job he had with a multi-national and how he travelled from country to country every five years.   Alana was a bit impressed with him.  Probably, he realised it.

He told her how much he loved her country and was going to apply to remain here permanently.

As Matt wasn’t Alana’s only partner, as she had good relations with everyone in the Salsa club, there was nothing discordant about his ‘revelations’.

Then,  Maria returned to the home country with the children.  At first it was just a ‘vacation’.

It had nothing to do with Alana.

Then Matt told her there seemed a problem, and he’d have to go home to find out what it was.


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Written by jaylar

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