The Lucky One – 1


John grew up with his father on a hillside.  His mother had left when he was six years old and never returned.  She occasionally sent money and gifts to him and his brother, but never came back to Jamaica.John developed a hatred for his father.   It was his father’s fault his mother had gone.  When he spoke of his mother it was in the most glowing terms.   He denigrated his father.Although his father put food on the table, enabled him to attend and graduate High School, he never changed his view.  As soon as John graduated High School and  got a good job and was making money, he left home.  He was never going back.After a year, having the  cashing, John  decided to travel to see his mother.He was full of excitement and joy.   He didn’t have her phone number but an address, so would ‘surprise’ her.


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Written by jaylar

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