The Encounter – 26

Carol was the envy of all her friends.  They complained how their husbands wouldn’t let them do this, or demanded that, on and on a long list of grievances that Carol had never experienced.

Carol felt blessed.

She had met her husband as a child and they had been together ever since.  Never a harsh word, never an argument, never a moment of dissent.

If she said;  “Let’s go to the lake this year…” he would say, “Alright,”

If she said, “Let’s paint the house blue,”  he agreed.

Once, after one of her friends went through a diatribe about points of view, Carol confronted Jamey.

After repeating what she had heard, questioning and confused; Jamey replied;

“I have always trusted your judgment,”  in his flat clear way.

This was not in any way, untrue.  When it came to his life, his current life, he had no opinion.

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