The Encounter – 24

Jamey’s father decided to retire from the business and give it him.   Jamey took it as expected.  After a three month stagnation  he implemented changes. It became much more profitable.

His parent bragged about him, and he took it without response.

He saved his money, telling Carol it was for their children’s tuition when they reached college age.

Carol wasn’t worried about money.  She had her own Beauty Salon and it was very popular.

To outside eyes, their lives were perfect.  Everyone thought so.

Jamey went through each day focused on his business, making a few investments, going to the gym and following various sporting events.

Carol ran her business around her life of  her children and friends.

She would wake with her husband, make him breakfast, rouse the kids, see hubby off, take the kids to school, go to her Salon, which she had one of her friends, who didn’t have young children, manage.   The Salon would be opened on some special days at 8 am on others at 9 or even 10.

The Salon, depending on the day of the week would be open until 7 or 8 or even 9.

Carol would leave to pick up her kids and those of her employees, drop them home.  Every day was different, for on this day was an after school activity, that day was early release.

She’d be home when Jamey arrived, eat his dinner, then be Daddy for a little while before off to the gym.  On late open nights, she’d leave right after dinner to return to her Salon.

Her life was full and happy.   She was totally unaware that Jamey was marking time.


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