The Encounter – 11

During the next weeks, Denny hung with Jamey’s people.  They sat next to each other in  class, walked the halls during passing.

Denny would go to  the hangout at least three times a week,  talking and laughing, a friend of everyone. And as part of the crew,  Denny was invited and attended all the parties her new friends gave.

She went to sporting events, movies, everywhere,  with the group.

She didn’t date any one,  or appear closer to one person over another.  She maintained  a happy, friendly warm relationship with everyone.

When Prom night came, although she had been asked, by more than one, she had declined, after all, she was a Junior, this wasn’t her Prom.

She thought she’d spend the evening with her folks, but her father had gone fishing with some guys at work and her mother had a standing mah jongg game.

Denny was home alone on Prom night, letting herself cry.  Letting herself cry over Jamey who was engaged to Carol.


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Written by jaylar

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