The Cost of a Run – 1

It sounds trivial.  Even now, writing it, I feel as if I’m leaving out major facts.  I’m not.    This is exactly what happened.

I decided to go running with Vickie.   I knew Shelly could see me, she was twenty feet away.  I knew Shelly would see me, see Vickie with me, and feel a jealous and sorry that she had moved out.

Shelly might shed a tear, might feel hurt.  But she would realise that moving out was not the best thing.

She would reflect on the broad hints I’d passed about getting back together, and grab them.

I left the office thinking that tomorrow Shelly would approach me.  Tomorrow Shelly and I would talk.

So Vickie and I went to run.

That’s it.

That is what happened.   That is all that happened.

On my end.

What do you think?

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