Surviving Adultery – 7

The story of Roberta and Elliot is true.  This is how a once normal person responds to the revelation of adultery.

The fact there was no adultery is significant in that just the belief alone will derail the normal mind.  It will send the betrayed into a frenzy of idiotic acts which, at the end of the day, grant no profit.

No one prepares you for Adultery.

One never even images it will happen.    One gets into a relationship sure that it will last, never devoting a fragment of thought to the ‘what if’.

This is what makes it so overwhelming.

There is insurance against sickness, car accidents, even job loss.  Although one doesn’t think of these things, the possibility is not unknown.

But there is no ‘insurance’ against adultery.

What you must do is prepare yourself for the ‘just in case’.

Have a fantasy about what would you do … if.


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