Smart Man – 43

Kushi put up with Paul.    She used her family and friends as armour to keep their ‘alone’ time to a limit.

Paul never had an inkling what was really going on.   He never did, when it mattered.  He’d see plots and ulterior motives in those who scarcely thought of him, and was suspicious of those who were without guile.

He had been fooled by his first wife, who, like his second, married him to gain American citizenship.

As he thought himself so bright he didn’t realise why Wife One married him, and divorced him, any more than he considered why Kushi married him.

Days, weeks months, years, and finally, Kushi became an America citizen. She was able to spend a lot of time away from Paul, with her mother and brother and their friends.

Often she’d spend the night at the house Paul had bought, surrounded by her people as she began to help her mother and brother to gain citizenship.

All that occupied Kushi was getting her mother and brother ‘legal’ so that she could leave Paul.

Paul, unaware, loved his life and used his alone time to manage the building he was hired to oversee.


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Written by jaylar

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