Smart Man – 4

When Paul was seventeen he came close to getting arrested.  His grandmother sent him far away.

His Grandmother had had bought a retirement house in Florida .  Her intention was to rent it out until she needed it, giving her a nice income.

With Paul in difficulties, she sent him to that house to live.

She didn’t think he could look after himself, so gave him money and promised to send him a monthly stipend.

Paul found himself in a strange city, a whole house for himself, and free.  Free of his father, without his Grandmother, he didn’t begin to know how to deal with freedom.

For the first in his life, Paul could eat what he wanted, sleep when he wanted,  do what he wanted.

The problem was, Paul didn’t know what he really liked to eat, when he really wanted to sleep.

He was lonely and didn’t know how to make friends.


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Written by jaylar

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