Smart Man – 36

Kushi  made having a classic Hindu  wedding the most important thing in her life, and Paul felt he benevolently, gave it to her.  He didn’t realise he had  no choice.

The wedding was her way,  her family, her friends.  Paul had no one.

There was no one he could invite,  save the real estate agent who had mentored him.

The Agent had felt sorry for Paul.    He felt guilt for overcharging Paul’s Grandmother all those years ago.  Getting Paul qualifications, as they were,  and a job in a government scheme no one wanted,  was the farthest he could go.

The Agent had no intention of getting wrapped into the life of a guy like Paul and made up an excuse.

So there  was the wedding,   Kushi’s friends and family filling the hall, and Paul, having  no one.  This  disgrace to Paul was the topic of conversation.   Of course the conversation was in Hindi, so Paul had no idea what they were  saying.


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Written by jaylar

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