School Daze – Learning and Acing Your Exams

The secret is to visualise, as if it is  a TV show.   No matter what the subject, be the casting director,  the camera, and visualise.

Sure, there are T.V. programs which do this for you. In some subjects, you can get the movie, (as long as it is strictly historical)  but visualise it in your own way.

Do outside study on points which catch your interest.

Make it ‘real’ in your mind.   Don’t just sit like a lump taking notes, don’t day dream. Focus.

The problem with education is that it is inflicted on the young.   You  want to be outside, you  want to  go there, see that, you have a full life which school is encroaching on.

Learning now, although everyone will say is the best time is also the worst.  For where an older person, who has already settled everything is a better target, by that time, they don’t ‘need’ much more education.

Kids need education.   So somehow education has got to be made fun or interesting or some how the focus.  And that’s the problem.

The problem is solvable if one can devote their school time to education and then have the after school time for fun, and not let one encroach on the other.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar