School Daze – Learning and Acing your Exams – part 6

As you may have noticed, you’ve set up particular times to deal with your studies.   If you follow them, you will have free time.

Some people go home right after school.  Some sit in the library.  This may be your wisest move.  You go to the library, you do your research,  then you go home.

You might, if your day ends early enough, carry your Beat Book so that you can do your rewriting in the library.

If not, you go home, and you do it there.

Depending on your life, you can either go outside for an hour for exercise and friendship, or stay inside to complete your beatbook and homework.

Always put that first to get it out of the way.

Some kids don’t take lunch break, they do their homework.  This means that before they leave school, they’ve completed what they need to, and then it is just the beat book.

If you can wisely monitor your time, you could finish everything by eight or so, have a bit of television or computer, and then go to bed early enough so as to be fully rested.

On the weekend you enjoy yourself, and then, if you haven’t completed, you can do your beat book, or simply read it through.

The point is to have contact with your studies every day.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar