School Daze – Learning AND Acing your Exams – 5

Enter the Exam room, make yourself comfortable.   Relax.  You got this.

Read the question slowly, checking for a trick, an ambiguity, or a badly phrased question.   Then, proceed as described in the first article.

Don’t rush, don’t overdo.  Time yourself.   If the exam is two hours and you have four questions to answer, give yourself about twenty five minutes on each.   This means that with the harder questions you’ll have five, ten, even fifteen ‘extra’ minutes.

Reread your paper.

Make sure you didn’t leave out anything or make an error.

If you’ve followed these articles, you will easily be able to answer those questions well within the time allowed, and have time to reread, correct, even rewrite.

Always leave space in your paper to put in some new information or correct an error.

Leave extra spaces between paragraphs, maybe two or three lines.   Write clearly.

The exam will be far easier than you imagined.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar