Pit Children – 44

For months there was no Paul or John in Julie’s life.   There was no mention of them, no reference.

Everett, although aware of it, went on as if he didn’t notice the change in his wife.

Things were perfect until One evening, their daughter Nina announced that  Uncle John’s girlfriend had the baby.

Julie didn’t know John had a girlfriend.

Until the past two years Julie had spoken to her brothers almost every day.  She shared her life with them, her secrets.

She had believed everything they said.  She accepted their justifications, explanations.  She thought they loved her.  She thought she was part of their lives.

The lack of phone calls, the hostility from the woman who had been her sister in law and best friend, the coldness of her brothers,  all had made her question herself.

Now this.

It hit Julie extra hard.


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Written by jaylar