“Parents are the Best Teacher”: Agree or Disagree?

Responsible parents are the best thing that happens in the eyes of their children. The developmental milestone of a child is always witnessed by parents. In both ways, the beneficial effect of tender loving care can be felt without conditions.

Whatever the reasons are, some parents cannot able to carry out their responsibilities. The most affected are the child. In some cases, close familial members will take the failure of biological parents. The children will have an unforgettable experience and will always come back to these bad dreams as they grow old.

It is also debatable if these parents are the best teacher in their lives. For a child who grows full of love without the presence of his or her parents. He or she took it in a positive way and learned from the mistakes of his or her parents. In time, he or she will promise to himself or herself that it will never happen for having his or her own family in the future.

On the other hand, some children took it as a failure and tried to be bad souls in society. Perhaps, the bad things happen from the past will be the basis of being such an evil individual. Thus, they learned to be the reflection of their irresponsible parents.

Children can never choose what’s really a good path for them. Unless they were been guided by concern people. He or she can be good or bad. It depends on how are they are going to perceive the life circumstances during childhood years in the absence of their parents.

In our society, we could see legitimate or illegitimate children grow in a different way and think based on how they perceive the reality of life. The phrase, “Parents are the best teacher” can still be the basis for every child to choose what’s path to go through.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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