On His Arm – 6

Isaac was twenty five years old and this might be the first time he was talking to a woman.   Not amenities, not the kind of work related remarks, but a conversation.

He was actually listening to the woman, asking intelligent questions, making observations.

He realised that he was interested in eating healthy, and as they moved up and down the aisles he felt as if he were on a date.

He said to her;  “You’ve been so helpful, let me buy you a cup of coffee…”

“How about a smoothie?”  she said.

Isaac really didn’t know what a smoothie was, but nodded, sagely.

They went to the cashier, he would have paid for her groceries but she’d gotten on another line.

Once he’d paid and come out, he met with her.  She had a car, and put her groceries in a container in the backseat.

“You want me to hold your…”

Isaac nodded.

It was amazing.


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Written by jaylar

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