On His Arm – 3

Isaac rang up a few friends he had from outside his employment.   He didn’t know how to explain, so asked if they could meet.

Jake could see him today at a fast food joint, and Issac met him.  It took him a time to get around to trying to explain.   Jake couldn’t get the point so he called his wife.

She said she’d be there in about twenty minutes.

Isaac was so nervous he went to the bathroom twice.

When Jake’s wife, Kelsey arrived, she looked at this pathetic creature called Issac.   She understood him pretty quickly.

“I can help, but you’ll have to listen to me.”

“I will…” he said like a six year old.

Kelsey began telling him about his hair, his dress, his presentation, which was not what he wanted.  He cut her off, thanking her, and ran out, shaking his head.  Was he that unable to express himself?


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Written by jaylar

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