Female Abusers go after  men who have ‘no one‘.    As they do not usually have the physical ability to brutalise their husbands,  their method is ‘absorption’.

It is vital that the potential Victim has no mother or father, brother or sister or child or even friend he can call.

This is not because all those in his circle are dead, but because of an estrangement previous to her entrance.

The estrangement is the key.

Here is a guy so stupid and obnoxious that he has virtually chased everyone in his life away.   This means, once she has everything she can get from him, he can chase her away.

During the relationship, the Female Abuser can become his ‘everything’. Her friends and family surround him.   There is no one who is not linked to her in his life.

If he has a relative, depending on how close they are, she may either have to destroy that relationship, or, incorporate and absorb that person.

Her method not only works, but often sets up the victim for the second Abuser, because he will focus on the aspects of the relationship where he felt fulfilled.

The aspects where he was ‘in charge’  and want to regain it.


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