Just Feeling – Prologue

I have no evidence. I can’t prove my summation, but I know.  

When I cast my thought back to the incipient moment, and travel along the path,   I pick up hints, brief impressions.  Call them assumptions. 

 But considering what happened, they were sign posts.

I have always been alert to my impressions.  Call them psychic prompts, call them gut, but I rarely have misjudged.   It is only when I squash those ‘warnings’ that I err.

Only when I attempt to justify, explain, do all those polite actions to sugar coat do I arrive at the wrong conclusion.

I am not young any more, I don’t need to make good impressions or be attractive or calming.  So I need not take my presence into consideration when I view an incident, a person, or hear words.

Although what happened is shocking,  for me it was an inexorable conclusion.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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