Isaiah’s Daughter A Novel of Prophets and Kings (book review)

Isaiah’s Daughter A Novel of Prophets and Kings

Mesu Andrews


Waterbrook  Penguin Random House LLC

(paperback) ISBN:  978-0-7352-9025-9

(Ebook) ISBN: 978-0-7352-9026-6

384 pages
‘Isaiah’s Daughter A Novel of Prophets and Kings written by Mesu Andrews is a story of biblical proportions.  This is the story of Ishma or Hephzibah and her friendship with Hezi or Hezekiah a future king.  This is also a story of biblical plagues and battles, and the many relationships and traditions that occurred during this time.  Mesu uses biblical passages from Genesis, Isaiah, Kings and a few other Bible books throughout the book at the beginning of each chapter.  These verses kind of tell what each fast-paced chapter is about without giving too much away.

In the book Mesu writes about how we and the characters need a foundation of justice and righteousness.  We must all keep studying and learning more about the Word of God to make understanding that Isaiah’s daughter is actually a child of God.  It is a story of beliefs and believing .

“Isaiah’s Daughter’ is a book I enjoyed a lot and will begin to read the Holy Bible in a new light for its’ use of scripture and fictional storytelling.  The cover design was one of the reasons I picked to read this book.  The reader can get a sense of the many implications and thoughts that Ishma or Hephzibah is and will be going through in her living her life.

After reading this novel the possible uses for it could be various discussions for a Bible course that is about the Book of Isaiah and mainly how the verses chosen made the actual verses easier to understand.  Definitely a five star read that will have the reader wanting things to work out in the characters lives as well as the readers lives.  Mesu Andrews uses description very well throughout the books scenes.  The very last page of the book is an Author’s  Note where she states why she wrote ‘Isaiah’s Daughter.


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