Intelligent Quotient – 15

There are those intellectually gifted children who avoid being placed into special class, or if placed, flunk out, so they can join the rest of the student body.

If, in their average class,  they are attracting too much negative attention as the ‘nerd’ ,  they dumb down.

This is because, besides being intellectually gifted, they are emotionally astute. They have to live in the world with other people, so have to learn how to ‘fit in’.

Those intellectually gifted who do not realise there is a world to fit into, proceed in their narrow band of academic pursuit and find it difficult to function in the outside world.

They haven’t a clue what music is top, what people watch on television, sporting events, fashion;  and don’t realise that not knowing makes it more difficult for them to comprehend their  world.


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Written by jaylar

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