Intelligence Quotient

The standard belief is  that highly intelligent people are reclusive bookworms.   That the gifted child is socially awkward.

This is  probably true, but not in all cases.

Imagine going to a school where there is streaming, and being in the super bright class.   The kids take I.Q. tests and those with over a 130 I.Q. are put into special classes where they will skip  a grade.

As they enter 7th Grade they are to cover the syllabus of both 7th and 8th so will move into 9th the next September.

This means a lot of work.

Double homework, a lot of pressure to read two texts in one year, a lot of pressure to go from September to January and take finals, then to February to June and take another batch of finals so that one can get into an advanced 9th grade class which will include some 10th grade subjects.

This means, that instead of entering college when one is 18 one enters at 17 or even 16.

This means, school work overwhelms life.

There is no time to play in the park, to ride a bike, to be a kid.

One spends ‘free time’ reading ahead, doing essays, so that there is very little time to just ‘be’.

The outcome is that one can enter the employment field a year or two early.



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