Inside the Capsule -9

Margaret was fully aware of the ‘need’ for the ‘Mean Girls’  to attack her.   She gave no signal, never looked at them, never seemed to notice them.  But she was full aware.

She was always out of the classroom before the others began to move.  She packed up two minutes before the bell, and as it chimed, she was on her feet, moving to the door.

To confront her ‘after class’  was not possible.

As she never arrived until a few seconds before the class started, ‘before class’ was also a no show.

Further, she was never seen during ‘passing’.

As the bell rang, as the girls came into the corridor, there was no sign of Margaret.  As if she disappeared.  Margaret had found various ‘safe’ zones.  Empty class rooms, emergency exits, offices, places she could instantly enter, and wait.

As the bell went at 45 minutes past the hour and the students had 7 minutes to reach the next class, Margaret didn’t move until 6 minutes had passed, then moved.   In some cases, she would go up the stairs when she knew the next class was down, (or the opposite) in some cases if the next class was down the hall to the left, she would go right.

She did what she needed to avoid the other students.

If there was some girl even lurking outside of a class room, Margaret would either enter through the other door, or wait until the girl went in before entering.

Margaret was always missing during lunch period, and as class was over, gone.

The Mean Girls failed in their attempts to poke Margaret.


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