Inside the Capsule – 7

The ‘Mean Girls’ as they were termed, snobby unpleasant creatures, who made up for their lacks by trying to abuse and demean their fellow students, decided to ignore the ‘New Girl.’

Firstly, she never looked at them.  Even if they talked loud, she would not turn her eyes.  The few attempts they made to interfere with her failed.

Since the first ‘my chair’ incident, Margaret had been difficult to corner.

Although they had actually worked at trying to annoy her, Margaret was immune.   The more they tried, the more they failed.

If they saw her moving to the bathroom and swarmed in, she never entered.

If they saw her moving to the back of the classroom and raced there, she took a seat in the middle, just as the teacher entered.

If they were on some committee and thought to put all the hard work on her, or insult her, she became ill.   Sometimes she would be out of school a day, once three days.

This meant that to ‘punish’ Margaret gave them more work to do.


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Written by jaylar