Inside the Capsule – 11

Millie, Margaret’s mother, had her own dramas.

She had held a very good position as the assistant to an advertising executive.  He acted as Mr. Nice, but stole her ideas, and never gave credit.

Whenever she asked for a promotion or benefit or credit he smiled as if she was a six year old, and told her she wasn’t ready.

When her husband, Sam, was offered this position, with its requirements of living in the town, she saw two things;  one, free accommodation and utilities, allowing them to save money and, by taking a one year’s leave of absence, her boss would realise her value.

Having worked most of her adult life, not even taking more than a month when Margaret was born, this year in the town would give Millie a chance to do all the reading, studying, relaxing, that she needed.

She’d do exercises, to get into shape, she’d increase her cooking skills.

And, of course, prove to ‘Mr. Nice’ he was nothing without her.


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